Still moving, after decades.

Back in the sixty’s scientists turned their heads towards membrane distillation. Back then, membrane distillation mimicked nature on a laboratory scale. A natural process to turn saline water into clean water. A sustainable solution for many global issues. But the world does not operate on a laboratory scale. Hence, science needed a partner to scale up. A partner that could operate in the delta of science, technology and business. And science found that partner in The Netherlands. In Aquastill.

Still on track, way beyond laboratory scale.

It is not in our nature to boast about our knowledge. So, it hurts our techno-heart and scientific modesty, but we need to state this claim: Aquastill is the global technology leader in the field of membrane distillation. In the past we have demonstrated that our sustainable technology can produce clean water on a small and medium scale, at competitive costs and with minimal impact on the environment. And we took that up a notch. We started using waste and solar heat to power the process. To assist the world in battling its global issues beyond laboratory scale.

Aquastill Membrane Distillation

going strong.

Combining sustainable heat with a unique patented technology achieve results that only Aquastill can offer. Results based on the largest amount of projects in this new field. Over forty successful installations show capacities for clean water generation that are out of this world.

Aquastill - About Aquastill


Aquastill is an INVERTR company. A cleantech investor with a longer breath than the average investment company. INVERTR is less focused on economic return but aims for ecological return. Wants their companies to transform the world, even if it’s just a little bit.
Aquastill - prestigious Innovation Award of the International Desalination Association (IDA)

Winner IDA Innovation Award.

Aquastill has been honored with the prestigious Innovation Award of the International Desalination Association (IDA), as a ‘true frontrunner in membrane distillation innovation’. Since its inception in 1987, the IDA World Congress has been recognized as the premier global event in the desalination industry.

Global leader in the field membrane distillation.

The world has a great need for clean water and, on the other hand, has excessive waste and solar heat sources. We have cornered these environmental concerns in our small delta of science, technology and business. Aquastill technology uses membrane distillation to extract pure water from a saline source (such as sea water) by evaporation through a hydrophobic membrane. Aiming to produce safe purified water.

Still the best. Still believing.

Aquastill membrane distillation can reject 99,97% contaminant in a single step. No other technology can offer a higher separation degree in a single step. So, for that percentage we like to pat ourselves gently on the back (even though we’re scientists and techies). It makes Aquastill membrane distillation a high potential for various applications. We believe in science. We also believe in sustainability. But even more so, we believe in saving lives. People are still dying due to lack of safe water. The world still needs the best help it can get.


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