A clean solution for many global issues.

Aquastill was designed for anyone who needs pure clean water in a remote area. For everyone who needs to reduce highly saline water as a part of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). For everyone who needs a clean technology to meet new environmental regulations. For everyone who has available a source of waste or solar heat.

Aquastill was designed for everyone who is fed up with scarcity of safe water. For everyone who wants to tackle an urgent global issue. For everyone who wants to turn sustainable heat into clean water. Simply by copying nature. Sustainable heat desalinates water. With Aquastill.

Aquastill - Benefits

Designed for Plug & Play.

Containerized desalination units are on the rise. Due to its modular and compact system design, Aquastill technology can be easily transported wherever water is needed. Where mobility and flexibility meet, membrane distillation is the answer.
The advantages of the modular and compact PURA system become clear when installation and start up is executed. The PURA system can be placed quickly with limited resources due to the compact building blocks and centralized PLC and position of electronic components. The modular design also gives the possibility of shorter lead times and exchanging the building blocks. Flexibility is found in easy changes in the smart layout which also can help with redundancy challenges. Setting up and running MD systems comes very close to Plug & Play experience where salinity problems have to be solved.

Aquastill - Benefits

Between sun and oceans.

In areas where waste heat or a connection to the power grid is not available, we have to rely on the most powerful sustainable heat source: the sun. Solar heat combined with membrane distillation can provide electricity, water for drinking and irrigation. Drastically reducing environmental footprint and operating costs.

Aquastill - Who profits from membrane distillation

Who profits from
membrane distillation?

Anyone who needs clean water and has access to sea water or brackish water, can benefit from our technology. Also if you need to dispose saline waste water and want a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solution, membrane distillation can be of help.

Aquastill Membrane Distillation

What is
membrane distillation?

At Aquastill we have industrialized a natural process. Our technology uses membrane distillation to extract pure water from a saline stream by evaporation through a hydrophobic membrane. Rejecting 99,97% contaminant in a single step.


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