We have industrialized a natural process.

At Aquastill we have industrialized a natural process and made membrane distillation applicable. On a large scale, but on a smaller scale as well. In contrast to other thermal technologies, membrane distillation can be highly efficient on a small scale, making it a very interesting solution when large scale implementation is not desirable nor possible.

Applicable and complementary.

Aquastill has made membrane distillation applicable and scalable, but complementary as well. As a hybrid system with other membrane systems such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, microfiltration, direct osmosis and pervaporation. And with other processes like fermentation, precipitation, catalysis and traditional desalination. Also with renewable energy desalination technology like solar, photovoltaic, salt gradient solar and geothermal applications. So if you want to renew waste energy or regenerate water, you go to Aquastill.


Cleaning wastewater in
textile factories.

Textile is an industry in which dyeing, bleaching, printing and finishing grey fabrics uses large amounts of water. Treatment of this textile wastewater is difficult due to the variety of materials and processes used. Membrane distillation allows  to significantly reduce water consumption in textile factories, moving towards zero liquid discharge.

Cleaning produced water at small oil & gas wells.

The global production of produced water by the oil & gas industry is estimated at 250 million barrels per day. This produced water contains several organic and inorganic components, which creates the need of a complex design of cost-effective, flexible and low-footprint treatment plants to separate the oil and to obtain a water effluent with sufficient quality for further treatment, discharge or reuse.

Providing fresh water at
off-grid locations.

In many off-grid locations generator sets are used to provide electricity. In these applications there is also a need for fresh water. Generator sets produce exergy waste heat. Membrane distillation can consume this waste heat as input thermal energy for the process. Providing both a cooling source for the generator sets and clean water.

Producing clean water by
solar power at remote locations.

Sources of clean water in small rural communities in remote sunny locations, not connected to the water and/or electricity grid, are becoming an increasing scarcity. These communities are in dire need of potable water. Combining the thermal power of the sun with membrane technology Aquastill provides clean water for these locations.


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