Aquastill B.V.
Nusterweg 69
NL-6136 KT Sittard
P.O. box 5225
NL-6130 PE Sittard
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)46 820 03 73

Chamber of Commerce: 14040985
VAT: NL 0084.41.492.B01
IBAN: NL17RABO0136750737

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Back in the sixty’s scientists mimicked nature on a laboratory scale. With membrane distillation. A natural process to turn polluted water into clean water. A clear solution for many global issues. But the world does not operate on a laboratory scale. Hence, science needed a partner to scale up. Science found that partner in Sittard. In Aquastill. And it is not in our nature to boast about our knowledge, but we need to state this claim: Aquastill is the global technology leader in the field of membrane distillation. Our sustainable technology can produce clean water on a larger scale, at competitive costs and with minimal impact on the environment. To assist the world in battling its global issues beyond laboratory scale. By renewing waste energy and regenerating water.

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Bart Nelemans Our Founder & Inventor +31 6 45 70 64 92
Niels Brand Our Researcher & Developer +31 6 14 12 04 05
Joana Carvalho Our Project Manager & Trainer +31 6 16 86 48 99
Bart Giebels Our Fabricator +31 6 81 92 53 11
Paul Reijmers Our Project Engineer +31 46 820 0373
Martijn Bindels Our Scientific Communicator +31 46 820 0373


What bubbles up when you think of the possibilities of membrane distillation? Aquastill technology was designed for everyone who is fed up with wasting the world. Don’t waste this chance. Don’t waste this change. Renew waste energy and regenerate water. With Aquastill.

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